Delayed Flights and Fighting for your Rights – a Why to Guide

We are all familiar with the internet approved “how to” guides for everything from cleaning your closet to torching your midsection to building a model rocket capable of reaching the stratosphere (link). Let us give rise to a new phenomena, which may already exist, I have no clue as I haven’t Googled it yet, but lets assume its my own concoction – the “why to” guide.

Why you should do x-y-z and not simply ignore it and move on with your life.

Readers of this blog would be no strangers to my current strife with a certain airline regarding several problems with them.

As if the world was taking note of my plight, BBC published an article entitled, “Delayed airlines passengers ‘missing out on millions in compensation” (link) and it made me think, airlines should not get away with this. How many times in our lives were our flights delayed, a couple of minutes, sometimes long hours, with nothing from the airline save an apology and a cold slice of Pizza?

It is time to hold people accountable. I am not saying this is the road to easy money, but it is a step in the right direction for accountability (remember this word when Captain America – Civil War comes out in 2016!).

Just recently another landmark article was posted, “Ryanair faces big payouts after losing flight delay case ” (link).

A lot of people are familiar with Ryanair as the 9th worst airline in the world (link), well apparently they had a little disclaimer on its tickets that tells passengers they only have 2 years to try to take action for flight delays against the company. this did not sit well with authorities as the standard time is 6 years, so the ruling was just passed to scrap the 2 year thing and give everyone 6 years to take action – as per EU laws. The law of the land supersedes that of the company.

Why is this important to you to know? A lot of airlines try to hide behind fancy wording on their tickets that they are not responsible in case of x, y, z etc. but they are. You will only know this if you take the step to take action against them. For example, all parking lots/ valet areas have an infamous saying that they are not responsible for the vehicle, right? Guess what, legally that is BS as they are responsible – they are taking money to provide a service, so if the car is damaged or anything, it is on their heads. Same with airlines.

Let us see where this goes, all I can say at the moment is, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

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