Do not watch The Hobbit @CinescapeQ8 in IMAX-3D

If Arabic is not your strong suit, then I suggest you think twice before going to watch The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies, in IMAX-3D.

Reason being? You will have a very hard time understanding what is going on, unless of course you speak fluent Orcish and Elvish.

There are a few scenes, almost every scene with Orcs, where there is dialogue between the foul beasts in their common tongue, which is only translated into Arabic. This is extremely annoying and a huge oversight by Cinescape, for not everyone in Kuwait can read and understand Arabic. Moreover, the IMAX-3D viewing is beyond stupendously amazing, with the screen literally coming to life before you. It seems a pity to lose out on the full experience by leaving the theater wondering what was said in certain scenes.

If you opt for the 2D viewing, you will get subtitles in Arabic, French and English for the non-English scenes.

On a different note, I cannot be the journey is over. It seems like only yesterday we were clambering into movie theaters in anticipation of the Lord of The Rings. It was yesterday, a decade and longer ago, in 2001, when the Fellowship of the Ring came out.

We leave you now with the official theme to Battle of the Five Armies, sung by none other than that familiar face from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Billy Boyd, aka Peregrin Took, more commonly known as Pippin.

What now, Draco?
Without you…
what do we do?
Where do we turn?
To the stars, Bowen.
To the stars

– Dragon Heart 1996

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