Dr. Norman Finkelstein


It seems pertinent that everytime the people of Israel try to defend their actions, they play the Holocaust card. Their trump, their ace-in-the-hole. The atrocities committed against the Jews are well documented through-out the annals of time, starting way back with their wandering in the desert for 40 years for failure to follow Moses. They were persecuted in the USA and Europe (the term Ghetto initially meant places where Jews lived), they would work on the fields and were rounded up into their houses after dark and not allowed to leave (based on the detailed information from Jeffrey Archer).

And now, they are doing the exact same thing to the Palestinians of Gaza.

Truer words were never spoken, if you had any heart, you would cry for the children of Gaza.

How can you defend a countries right to defend itself, when the “alleged assailant’s” weapons are outdated rockets, and stones, and your response is via air-strikes and white phosphorous?

It is high time for the people of the world to wake up, and disassociate the terms Terrorist from Arab, Evil from Islam. Just because a few extremists, who are shunned IN THEIR OWN RELIGION speak out, doesn’t mean the entire populace agrees with them.

We are all in this together, it is time we started acting like it.

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