“Drunk shaming” by Qatar Airways

If you haven’t gotten the memo, we reside in Muslim countries, those that live in the G.C.C. These countries are subject to certain “restrictions” that are not available in the West, or Far East, or North, or South.

Public intoxication remains a crime anywhere around the globe.

In case you have not heard, Qatar Airways VP of Customer Service has shamed an employee who was pictured drunk outside her residence (Below):


With the following letter:



The employee in question has been with the company for 9 years, so is definitely aware of all the rules regarding residing in the Middle East.

So, was this move justified? Was it over the top? Will she be fired? Will she sue QA?

What surprises me is that someone had the gall to take such a picture in the first place, we have become a world of first-person shooters; everyone lives through the lens of their camera. You see a person drowning, your first thought is take picture, help later.

I was expecting a note plastered to her backside reading “I drank too much and now I’m passed out in front of my building unable to get up,, lol”, much like people do in all their shaming pictures.

Shaming has become a trend online, from pets to children, for all sorts of transgressions. Personally, public humiliation is not cool. It should not be used as a disciplinary procedure.

That is just my two cents.


Thanks Mark (248am)

the photo was a capture from the security camera not cell phone.

The issue is not public intoxication but staying out past curfew, as drinking is legal in Qatar.

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