Early Signs of Corruption – Buying votes with Chocolate

In what is undoubtedly the first of its kind news in Kuwait, a primary school boy is caught “buying” votes with chocolates outside his school.


Now, this could very well be the case of media blowing news out of proportion. Let’s look at some interesting facts from school:

1) Children are presumed to be innocent during the early years, therefore all actions done in said years should not be looked at with the eyes of an adult. I cite Burt & Ernie as references to this example whereby as children growing up we merely viewed them as two friends living together (much like Chandler & Joey in Friends), not as poster-puppets for the LGBT movement.


2) During school, when a student had their birthday, they would usually bring some form of “treat” for the class. Not in the form of endearment, but as a form of celebration.

3) As a child in school, I used to give chocolates to my French Teacher, Madam Namet. It was not a form of extortion or “buying grades”, we had an agreement whereby if every I pronounce Sept (i.e. Seven) with a then I would give her a Mars bar.

4) A teacher can hug a child without it being perceived as “Sexual”.

According to the article, the student  “was seen outside the gate, handing out chocolates to his classmates in exchange for their votes.”

This strikes me as strange as I do not believe a child is aware of the concept of “rigging” an election or “buying” votes. Especially since this is probably not a “paying post”.

Then again, the little devil could be guilty as sin, purposefully passing out candy as a means to an end and therefore barring him from the elections is actually a good lesson to teach children the value of ethics.

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