Ecstasy & Tetris relieve Trauma!

Science, it never fails to amaze.
Recent studies have shown that a possible cure for Trauma lies in two things: Ecstasy (methylenedioxymethamphetamine; I’m sure if junkies were asked to spell its real name they’d quit voluntarily)  and… Tetris!
In that case, Ex can be a cure for every disease, from AIDS, to Cancer, Leprosy and Multiple Sclerosis; you would forget your sickness and spend more time contemplating how great your fingers are. My own “science” has concluded that Tetris is a laxative as well..
Diseases of the mind are difficult to comprehend. At times it would seem as though the victim is putting on a charade, a desperate cry for attention of sorts, instead of wasting time talking (Time = Money remember) doctors would rather follow the policy of “drug you and leave you”, a sad fact of the desensitisation of this fast-pace generation, the loss of human contact.
Some do not believe in the use of drugs to treat mental diseases, be it psychosis, depression or even trauma. The drug serves as a method to alter the persons perseption (i.e valium), the same principles followed by drug addicts and cocaine, hash, weed etc. Is it “legal” because a doctor prescribed it, or because a multi-billion dollar drug company endorses it? The news is riddled with people who abuse their illness to score prescription medication, either for themselves or others.
Trauma, depression, anxiety, are all different faces of the same coin: we have lost the ability to connect on a human level, and instead of dealing with the problem itself, we deal with the symptoms, and in one way, “Drug me up Scotty!”.
Middle-schoolers, classmates of the students that were brutally gunned down in school-violence are being treated for trauma and depression, sent to psychiatrists who prescribe them with medication.
Teenagers are indulging in a new craze of drug parties; taking various, random samples from “Mommy’s drug cabinet” to their friends house, putting it all in a huge serving bowl, and mixing it all up, leading to several deaths as some medicines are not meant to be mixed (read the leaftlet) or to be consumed with external beverages (i.e alcohol; Heath Ledgers tragic demise, sleeping meds: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the list is endless).
I myself have dealt with trauma; is it not trauma when at the age of 15 you watch your teacher collapse before your very eyes, being the last person to talk to her, a teacher you greatly admired, and hear that she passed away later that day? Is that not trauma?
I didn’t become depressed, suicidal, or live in denial, I didn’t turn emo and start parading around with a sullen, woe-is-me attitude. I talked to people, my parents, my friend’s mom whom I owe a lot to as it was her sharing of her story that made me realise that life goes on.
The mentality of “quick fix” and “popping pills” to feel better needs to stop. As people, as a society, we need to work more towards hashing out our problems rather than supressing them.
To end on a high-note: talk to your colleagues, see what is making them blue, the life you save could very well be your own (note to postal workers!).

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