Effective advertising; Saudi style

In the animal kingdom, color plays an important role in the dance of attraction; flowers display brightly colored petals to attract bees, who in turn become carriers of pollen, helping the plan to reproduce.

The following vehicle was seen at Marina Mall:


Granted the colors may not be as clear (shocking is more like it) in pixel form as they were to the naked eye, however please believe me when I say this is a flaming pink Mercedes.

Now normally, this would not cause one to bat an eye, as one would immediately assume the car belongs to some 20-30 something chick with a penchant for hello kitty merchandise, pink paraphernelia and loudly chewing bubble gum.

However, then kicks in the mind of an internal auditor, who is myself, as I noticed the licence plates for this specific vehicle were not local; they were Saudi Arabian (again, this cannot be seen in the picture but for the sake of journalistic integrity, you will have to take my word for it).

Last time I checked, women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Effective advertising!

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