Egyptians Topple the Brotherhood!

Egypt – a country mentioned in the holiest of all holy books – The Quran, and definitely blessed by God.


Egypt once again demonstrates to the world the power of peaceful protest, and successfully topples the second corrupt regime to attempt to disuade the people from their dreams of democracy and freedom.


This is what happens when a leader becomes a tyrant by not listening to the people, by insisting to remain in power despite the unanimous decision to oust him from power.

Morsy, you failed Egypt. The brotherhood proved to the world that they were no better than the previous regime.



Let the next president to come understand the truth about the Egyptian people, they are united with their Army, their Police and most of all, each other.


The Military’s statement outlining the future of Egypt and the proposed roadmap is to be announced within the hour. The statement will be read out and televised with the presence of Dr. Mohammed El Baradei, Al Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayed, and Coptic Pope Tawadros.

The people have done what the governments could not; the EGYPTIANS have done what the world could not, they have toppled the Muslim Brotherhood, without bloodshed.

تحيا مصر حرة ومستقلة


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