Egypt’s Presidential Election Results

Election Results: Morsi 13,230,131 (51.7%) Shafiq 12,473,380 (48.3%)

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammed Morsi for gaining the majority of the votes and winning Egypt’s first civil, democratic elections.

The road to Egypt’s revolution was a tumultuous one. The Muslim Brotherhood’s initial quote was that the would not seek the presidency, afterwhich they tossed two names into the hat, one as a replacement for another who was barred from running the presidential race.

In the end, it was a race between a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, for long since Egypt’s second strongest political party after the now defunct and overly corrupt National Democratic Party, who sought to further solidify its chokehold on the Egyptian population by having its candidate in the final run-off for the presidency.

A win for the military man Ahmed Shafiq would guarantee a return to the ways of old, of secret police and corrupt business men, of stolen millions and murdered thousands. A win for the Brotherhood would carry a cross-roads, will they live up to people’s expectations, or will they truly be different?

In the days of now ousted president, the shamed Hosni Mubarak, the results were known without running the elections. No body bothered to vote. Mubarak always won by a margin of 99%. How can someone think so highly of themselves, and believe their own delusions of grandeur?

Egypt has now voted for its first EVER democratically elected candidate. The ways of old have now been discarded, as we look towards the future. A future of prosperity and hope, of dignity and respect.

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