Elevator Etiquette – Denial of Entry by a Woman

Chivalry is alive and well this day in age. Many a man do all they are possibly capable of to make their woman feel special, from telling them how much they mean to them every day, to writing them poetry, listening to their daily events and always showing support. Even to strange women in the streets, men will slow down to allow them to cross, hold the door for them etc.

Chivalry is alive and well.

However, there comes a time or an incident in which equal treatment would be appreciated.

Venturing out into the poring rain and cold winds, I was retrieving an item from my car and returning to my building. We have two elevators; a small one and a large one. The small one was on the 10th floor, the large one was on the ground floor. Good, yes?

There was a woman standing there; late 30’s early 40’s probably. She had groceries with her, my first thought upon seeing her was to offer her help as she seemed alone. No sooner did I make a move toward the elevator she had just boarded (living by the adage of ladies first), only to be utterly shocked by her standing in the doorway, raising up her hand and telling me point blank; sorry, you wait until I go up, then you take the elevator.

Imagine doing that in Kuwait... Grounds for Arrest it is

My reply, which came very wittingly, was simply: the other elevator is not here, and I am not going to wait.

Realistically speaking, she has no right to bar me from entry, if I feel that I should not be in there, it is my decision. Not hers. For the love of god sometimes I wish to remind these mentalities that we are not living in the stone age, and that this is not Saudi Arabia.

In the end, I got in the elevator, she even punched in my floor for me. However the incident remains etched into my memory.

If the lady has some moral code that would be violated upon riding in an elevator with a stranger, then by all means, wait until you can take the elevator on your own and do as you please.

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