Embarassing Incident at the Iftar Table

The greatest laugh is at ones self. So allow me to share with you a funny incident that happened recently, and should serve as a reminder to all from this point on, just because you take a product out of its packaging, does not guarantee it is defect free.

Yesterday at work, it was decided that we would have our annual Ramadan department Iftar on that very same day. It was short notice, but the Head of the Department was travelling next week and it seemed the most opportune time to have it. As we were unable to get a reservation in the restaurants of our choice, it was decided that we would order out instead, and break fast within the confines of our office.

As we were working on a scheduled project, I thought it best to stick it out till Iftar time in the office, along with my senior manager, taking a break to go pick up a few things from the near by supermarket.

By 5:30  it was time to head out and get the groceries, then head back to the office in time for the arrival of our food. Yarmouk Super Market was our destination, Laban (thick milk) was the item of choice, as well as plastic cups, in case the watercooler’s plastic cups had been removed, it being Ramadan and all, a precaution, no less.

Once we were laden with our supplies, we headed back toward the office, at the nearest traffic light, on the front row of a red light, a driver was yapping on the phone, oblivious to the now green signal; I honked to inform him then spead ahead of him to ensure prominent arrival prior to the luncheon.

A few seconds after the incident, I get a call from my colleague informing me that the food was arriving earlier than expected, and that the delivery guy was already there.

It turned out to be the guy I honked at at the traffic light!

We got into the office, and I went about setting the Iftar table. Our purchase of plastic cups turned out to be in vain, for the plastic cups near the water cooler lay undisurbed, completely safe and in hibernation during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The Beautifully Set Iftar Table at Work

Now comes the hilarious incident.

At the call to prayer, signalling the end of fasting, tradition decrees that a cup (not glass due to absense thereof :P) of Laban and dates are used to break the fast. Kababji were kind enough to provide dates, and we had picked up the Laban earlier, so all seemed to go according to plan.

Not wishing for our recently acquired plastic cups to go to waste, I opened them up, and distributed the Laban to both my Senior Manager and the Head of Our Department, keeping a cup for myself for last.

The cause of my Embarrassment, a hole in the cup

I had my cup held high over the dinner table as I proceeded to fill it with Laban. It was then I noticed that, for some reason beyond me, that evidently the ceiling was leaking Laban, as the table before me was splattered with falling Laban, all this right before the eyes of both my Senior Manager and the Head of our Department. My first instinct was that I had filled the cup in my hand to its brim, and it was overflowing, I checked, nothing. Then I inspected the Laban receptacle, all the while Laban was still pouring out onto the table, amidst frantic, harried, humored shouts from both individuals. Never did it occur to me that the reason for the outpour was a hole in the plastic cup I had just pulled out.

 The act continued for a while until I plugged up the leak, much to the delight of my audience, and to my chagrin.
After the raucous laughter at my public embarrassment, things settled down, and we went about enjoying the remainder of our Ramadan Iftar in relative peace, and free of any leakage of any sort.
Boubyan Pack, the makers of the faulty product, will be held accountable if my annual review comes out as “Office Clown”.

Boubyan Pack, I condemn you..

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