End of an Era: @Yahoo to Close Down Chat Rooms

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It is with great sadness that we bear witness to the sad demise of the Yahoo! chatrooms (link).

Before there was Skype, MSN Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress etc…

Actually, before there were smart-phones and wireless networks, 3G etc…

Wait, before mobile phones became mainstream!

Darn, that was a LONG time ago!

Before all that, there was the internet, back when a month on dial-up cost 35KD and subscriptions involved tons of paperwork and a million and one tweaks to PC Settings to enable internet.

Before, wait for it: Google & Gmail! It was only Hotmail & Yahoo that were mainstream (there once was a website called myownemail.com, but that quickly died out).

This was when NBK offered a free few hours internet subscription for opening a new account. And that is where our tale began, and unfortunately, ended today.

The Yahoo Chatroom.

I cannot recount the number of hours lost amidst its sea of conversations, the age old question of ASL being spoken out to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Mary & Susan available. Friendships and rivalries were formed (I still have a list of “Yahoo-nemies” somewhere in my files) and generally, a lot of fun was had.

Yes. Sometimes the fun was at someones expense and yes, not everyone was very “truthful” about themselves, embellishing some traits and in some cases, completely making up a new persona.

Now however, the over-abundance of chat rooms, segregated to every imaginable category, and much like Arnold confessed to using steroids back in the day due to “we didn’t know it was bad for us”, the same argument is now being posted.

Chat rooms have become a tool for pedophiles and occasionally terrorists (as seen in some movies).

Instead of opting to regulate the chat room function, Yahoo has axed  it entirely.

True, not many people still opt for the chat rooms, in the wake of new ways to spend time online such as Twitter and Facebook, however the decision to completely remove it, much as the decision to discontinue the walkman and floppy-disk, will be met with nostalgic cries.

Farewell sweet (and bitter) memories.

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