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The Night Zookeeper (link) is a free online resource for schools that encourages creativity in children and inspires them to produce creative writing and artwork about their own magical animal.

The Night Zookeeper Project

The website focuses on the development of children’s English, Art & ICT skills (it is also directly linked in to the English National Curriculum).

Whether 5 years old or 75 years young, we are all capable of a Night Zookeeper’s most powerful magic, imagination. For we also all live in at least two worlds; the world of daytime and the world of dreams. The Night Zoo belongs to the second world. It is a world where we are completely free to create whatever our imagination desires with no regard to conformity, doubt or fear.

Children across the world are united through this power of magical imagination as equally as they are united through their shared interest and love for animals. It is our goal to enable children around the world, to use these common interests to inspire their learning through creation, crafts and most importantly, fun.

The project is based around the adventures of a Night Zookeeper and the fantastical animals he meets on his daily rounds. By participating in the adventures of the Night Zookeeper children paint, draw, sing, write and play their way through an ever evolving game. The project encourages creativity in children and inspires them to produce creative writing and artwork about their own magical animal which theycan then upload into the world of the Night Zoo, where anything is possible! Children are then encouraged to take on the role of a Night Zookeeper themselves.  They must carry out ‘Missions’ to look after the animals in the zoo, these typically involve playing imaginative, offline games like making up a dance, singing a song or writing a story.

Imagination is the one thing you should strive not to lose, as a child or an adult. Engage your imagination.


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