Enjoying India’s Culinary Delights


So hot I started perspiring from the first bite


Veg Club Sandwich enjoyed during office hours; that red "sauce" is ketchup!

Best way to ease the fires of Spicy food; Fruits!


First Lunch sponsored by the company; Gotta love the myriad of colors available only in Indian Food


First Dinner in India, Le Cafe. Spice tolerance - mild

Once upon a time, in a land that is now far away (Kuwait), I ventured forth into the then unknown realm of Mogul Mahal to sample the culinary delicacy of the Indian Subcontinent. Upon arrival, we were met by a charming waiter who inquired as to our spice tolerance, I shall never forget his expression as he asked “would you like it spicy hot “haa, haa”, or “hoo, hoo”, along with gesticulation.

After than encounter, I had thought my tolerance level for spices was at an all time high, having had the ability to withstand the hot “haa, haa” level, so much so in fact, my ego was further engrossed as the waiter, who appeared extremely pleased that foreigners could withstand such spice onslaught, that we were offered a complimentary fruit salad (maybe to offset their responsibility should our stomachs burst from the inside out as a result of the fiery spices).

However, I was also reminded of a time when visiting a friend during high school, I had decided to sample the then only-available via export Black Dorrito’s. My friends exact words to me were “careful, they are hot”. I naturally shrugged off this comment and proceeded to boast as to how I was raised on spicy food, and proceeded to pull open the bag of Dorrito’s.

Had this been a cartoon, a green skull and crossbones would have emanated from the bag as its noxious gas was released.

As I raised the orange triangle to my mouth, the tips of my fingers tingled.

As it crossed the threshold into my mouth, hovering above my tongue, suspended between my teeth, I started coughing, my body already trying to warn me that this was beyond its capacity to handle.

Danger! Danger!

Did I heed its warning? No.

First crunch. Fire in the back of my throat, tears streaming down my eyes almost immediately, hoarse breathing, coughing incessantly.

I was a laughable site.

Now, you would think in the land of spices, you would be asked to gauge your spice tolerance. You are not, you are merely given what the chef would presume is “normal” for the local, so after yesterdays dinner (first picture – copper pot), as Winnie the Pooh would say, there is a rumbly in my tummy, and I fear the worst.

Asides from that, the food is spectacular, the cuisine is heavenly. I know I will regret my food choices in the morning, but you only live once, yes?

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