Entertainment City – 18 years Later, Un-entertained

Disappointment would be an understatement.

18 years ago, as a treat for our relative visiting from Qatar, we took them to Entertainment City for a day of reckless abandon, merriment and fun.

Not much has changed in 18 years at Entertainment City. Yes, there are one or two new rides (The Lightning Roller Coaster – 2KD a pop).

I find it moronic that one has to buy a card for 250fils in order to charge it with money to pay for the rides that cost money. And that was the case as now it was not a mere fact of paying 2KD for the roller coaster or 1KD for the Go-Carts, you needed a plastic swipe card as well.

Regardless, Entertainment City NEED to advertise WHEN their games are scheduled for maintenance and WHICH games have been taken out of service. I was disappointed to find that the Australian Log Ride and the “normal” Roller Coaster were under maintenance (wondering if the putrid water of the log ride was ever changed during that 18 year hiatus), the only worthwhile rides they had were the Condor, the Lightning and the Tornado.

the “house of horrors” aka Sindbad’s Journey has yet to see any fresh coat of paint or new additions.

Tragically, it was a very sad visit to a spot where, as a child, I had immense enjoyment and fun.

Given its vast expanse of land and grass areas, they need to revise their ticketing System at the gate so as to allow people who do not wish to partake in any rides to still enter and enjoy the scenery. Entertainment City should be turned into a park.

Entertainment City is in need of an overhaul, the sooner the better.

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