Life is a Roller Coaster; just gotta ride it – Ronan Keating

Truer words were never spoken. It is amazing how life can progress with its many ups and downs, its curve balls and its sharp turns. One day you are on top of the world, and the next you are down-on-your-luck and plummeting beneath rock bottom.

The reasons for this are vast and numerous; it could be trouble at work, it could be a lovers quarrel, it could be the feeling of helplessness in the face of tomorrow.

In that case; a solution is required. And the solution is simple: we have to Escape.

Escape. A temporary break from the reality in which we reside in order to aid in clarity of thought and purpose.

My escapes:

1) Jogging

2) Writing

3) Reading

At a young age I became immersed in the Realm of Midkemia, the brilliant brain-child of Raymond E. Feist, I made it my life’s purpose to collect all 24 (and counting) novels written by this fantastic story teller in the fantasy realm of myth and magic.

I’ve read half of the books I own today, keeping the rest in order to prolong my stay in this magical world.

When I read I lose myself, I become giddy and excited and yell out at characters in the book, capable to envisage the happenings and surroundings in my minds eye.

It is time to return to the realm of Midkemia. Of Pug (Milamber) and Thomas, of Elves and Wraiths, of Kelewan and The Desert.

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