Expat Car Conundrums in Kuwait – Lease or Buy?

Many an expat constantly ask about a single concern before moving to Kuwait: Transport.


As the public transportation system in Kuwait is basically broken down to either buses or taxi’s, the decision to opt for a more personal form of transport comes to mind (ESPECIALLY for women). Which raises the question, lease or buy?

Fuel in the Gulf is literally cheaper than water, hence that is not even a concern. There are other pro’s and con’s to leasing versus ownership that we will attempt to highlight:

1) Leasing

Lease or Buy?


– less financial investment / obligation.

– the car is fully insured by the owner of the agency, any damage done that requires fixing merely requires you to get a police letter detailing the accident, and then the insurance takes care of it.

– you can easily trade in one leased vehicle for another, changing your preference to suit your current mood.

– if you decide to leave, you do not have to worry about being “tied down” as leasing provides mobility.


– you do not retain ownership of the car.

– the deal you get depends on the agent you go to; some agent’s will try to fleece you.

– agent could request you to fix bumps & bruises at your own expense.

2) Buying


– you can buy used or new, so quite literally any price range is available (from 500KD to 5,000).

– there are plenty of perks to buying new cars, in terms of installments, discounts etc.

– after completing the payments on the car, you can sell it for a profit (over its depreciation value).

– you can sell the car during the installment period as well.


– might be considered a huge capital investment to some.

– might be viewed as an anchor to the country debilitating easy exit.

– insurance could be a problem depending on whether or not you opt for 3rd party insurance.


In the end, the decision to buy or lease depends on each individual expats requirements and background story. Some are here for the long haul, some are not. Some are making thousands, others are not.

Weight your options in terms of pricing, and you shall not be disappointed.


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