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Despite the sweltering heat, blowing dust and vile humidity that tend to frequent the atmosphere in Kuwait, causing a myriad of problems, both health and holiday, for it seems the dust is eagerly awaiting the weekend to embrace Kuwait in its sandy bosom; Kuwait remains a destination for transients and travellers alike.

For those living in Kuwait who want to be kept up-to-date with the happenings, the events scheduled to take place, the groups they can join, the offers available etc. And even for those living abroad who wish to get a better understanding of life in Kuwait through the eyes of expats; there is a simple answer to quell queries of both.

and that answer is EEK!

Forgive me, for that is no shrill shriek, it is merely the title of Kuwait’s weekly Expat Magazine.

Whether you are looking for an apartment, an interest group, looking to buy, or even sell furniture, a car. EEK! is the magazine for you, delivered straight to your inbox in pdf format, it makes for an interesting read.

The number of subscribers is steadily escalating, and pretty soon it will be received and enjoyed by all expats in Kuwait, and all those around the globe wishing to come to Kuwait as well.

As I said previously, expats can use this magazine as a guide to Kuwait. A way to connect with social groups, events etc. For those leaving Kuwait, it is the perfect place to put their wares on sale, and those coming to Kuwait, it is a perfect place to pick up experience and living items at less-than-retail-price.

What do you have to be a part of this? Simple, send an email to info@expatserviceskuwait.com

Check out their website: http://www.abcq8.com/

So expats, locals, potentials, and everyone else, enjoy EEK!

I know I certainly do.

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