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If any person out there in the vast ocean that is the World Wide Web, is in need of assistance in the State of Kuwait, whether it be procedures for this, that or the other, the location of the store, or just a helping hand, do not hesitate to contact me, also, those wishing to become Expats in Kuwait, feel free to direct any queries you may have towards me, and I will do my best to assist in whatever way I can.

I will let my record on Expat-Blog speak for itself 🙂

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  1. Hello
    My name is Terri Alexander
    i have a Beautiful Grandfather Clock from the states and it was moved from one location to another and lost its balance and needs adjusting in balance in order to work.
    Is the a qualified Mechanic to help a Beautiful piece that stands in the corner of my living room

    contact Terri@ 97110909

    Most Grateful

  2. Pooja Nair says:

    My name is Pooja. I’m not that new to kuwait and that is my problem! I got to kuwait in February and I have been sitting at home since then! I haven’t got a job yet and I don’t know anybody out here. So once my husband leaves for work, there’s nothing for me to do! Could you let me know what are the places to see here or how i can make friends in here?


  3. Serpil says:


    Thank you for setting up this blog. I personally find it very helpful.

    Myself, I came to Kuwait for work and have been in here only since yesterday. I am staying in a temporally place in Salmiya at the moment but I am really keen to find a permanent place to settle down and start my new journey.

    The area I will be working at is called Shuwaikh and therefore I am looking for accommodation in ideally Jabriya as it seems to be closer to work or second choice is Salwa. Is there any estate agencies, trustworthy people you could recommend so I can get in contact to find a place? I have been searching on internet but I would like to get out and meet people and see the places myself. Also my budget is 250KD. Is this realistic for a one bedroom flat in Jabriya or Salwa.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Many Thanks,


  4. Expatster says:

    I just couldn’t leave your blog prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the standard information you provide to your visitors! Im gonna be back often in order to check out new posts

  5. Maura says:

    My friend lives in Kuwait, and needs a good home for two newly newtered kitties, a brother and sister that were born near her home, and she’s been feeding them.
    Shelters and the animal hospital offer her no hope for adoption. They were born outside but are used to human interaction, as she’s been feeding them. There are many many pictures of these pretty kittens. They are about 8 months old. She says they love to be petted and rub on her legs. She says they are gentle. Her neighborhood receives poison control from the government, and outdoor cats don’t last long around there. She has already taken last year’s litter of one survivor into her home. Do you think you can offer any suggestions or help? Thank you.

    • Lord Aymz says:

      give me the information your friend has and i can post it on my blog; plus if she prints any flyers she can put them up in Sultan Center and they will be seen by majority exapts.

      hope this helps!

      also, try http://www.expat-blog.com

  6. Maura says:

    Thank you so much! I will speak to her and do it soon!

  7. Davinder singh says:

    Hi to all.
    I am davinder singh from punjab. I need some quieries regarding kuwait. Please please please help me out.

    I worked in kuwait last year and cancelled my work visa 18 no. And came back to india on 3rd of march 2017.

    Now i got selected in another two companies in kuwait they both applied my visa. But now they are saying there is a problem for my visa. But they dont know yet.

    Now my question is..

    Is it any problem if two employer applied for visa for same candidate?

    Or is there any ban after cancellation of visa??

    Or what could be the problem??

    I cancelled my visa in proper way and they stamped 14 no. Visa after cancellation of 18 no.

    And 14 no. Visa cancelled itself after departure from country.

    I request you all please let me know the process or what shall i do??

    Will be very thankfull to all.

    Davinder singh

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