Expats not allowed to die in Kuwait

Graveyards for Kuwaitis only



In an unprecedented move in Islam and religion in general, an assistant GM within the Municipality has raised an issue that there are plenty of expats dying in Kuwait that are taking up space in the graveyards that belongs to its nationals.

“Only in extreme circumstances” should expats be buried in Kuwait.

This would be rather comical, if it wasn’t so tragic.

So if you are an expat in dire medical condition, please leave and go back to your own country and use up the space there for your burial.

The other option would be to die at sea.

Here is the article on al-qabas, however it is in Arabic (link)

Regardless of whether or not this “idea” moves forward, the very fact that it has sprung up and been brought to light paints a rather morbid picture of the life of expats in Kuwait.

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