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Foot Soldiers! The weekly run is BACK ON!

If you read the previous posts here, you will understand the reason behind my hiatus, for that I truly apologise (again, as I already did in that previous post).

This is a run I took on Monday, right after my exam, a pure adrenaline rush.

As you can see, my speed has taken a thorough “shalacking” as the wrestling commentators would say. close to 3 weeks of doing no exercise and living as a book worm have taken their toll on my speed and activeness, but not my willingness and desire to get better!

So, you can now find Q8FootSoldiers easily (or easier) on the World Wide Web by heading on over to:


So now, it is time to get SERIOUS.

I found a nice pedestrian path that is 2.24Km (both ways), it is behind the Qadsiya Sports Club in Hawally, parallel to the 30 (Fahaheel Express). We will be holding runs there for the time being, as the path near NES for some reason heightens my allergies! (maybe I am allergic to nostalgia, that being the path I refused to run during PE in school).

I will post a map highlighting the spot, soon.

Although, I am guessing it would be better to meet up this week near the beach @ Marina, and get in some sand running, you can even do it barefoot!

So, are you ready?













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