Facebook Group Messages and How to Handle Them

Lets face it, we live in the age of the McDonaldisation of all processes, the one size fits all, the mass communication, in order to save a tiny morsel of time.

All these descriptions fit Facebook to a tee.

One of my greatest irks on Facebook came in the form of group messages.

It is understandable, rightfully so, if you wish to communicate with a group you perceive to have a similar interest, then messaging them all together, all at once, with every reply being pinged in your email inbox, is the right way to go about it, right?

Well, what if I do not wish to be disturbed EVERY TIME someone clicks reply? Google Mail offers the facility of “Muting” a thread, Facebook has yet to be as sophisticated.

Until this day, I was unaware of how to prevent my email inbox, as well as my Facebook inbox, from being flooded with new messages as a result of a string within a group message. However, as I had planned to write about it here, I decided to do a bit of investigative journalism and click all the clickables on the page.

And voila, what was in the beginning a conundrum, or a rant post, which I am morally opposed to without proper grounds, has turned into a Self-Help post. You do not have to Google “stopping group messages on Facebook“, or you can, and hopefully it will direct you here:

Merely click on Actions, and navigate over to "Leave Conversation"

Enjoy a less cluttered email, as well as a Facebook Inbox.


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