FaceTwiGram© As Instagram introduces Video

Social networks are a fickle invention. It has been proven in more ways than one that they are anti-social, stripping people of the ability to socialize in person and increasing their reliance on non-contact socializing.

It was agreed at the beginning that to each of the three pretenders to the throne of socializing, a different corner of the realm was apportioned. To Facebook went the lion’s share whereby users can share everything from status updates to holiday pics to interesting articles they read and everything in between. Twitter attracted the intellectuals whereby your communication was limited to 140 characters or less, however pretty soon people began sharing pictures there as well.

Instagram was meant to be a photographers dream; all you could share was pictures. Pictures that could not be taken by everyone (without a long ordeal of screen-shots and what-not’s).

Now however the platform further blurs as Instagram has come forward with a new service: videos (link). As if it was not unoriginal enough with people sharing quotes and motivational pictures that they clearly did not take and merely “stole” from the internet to garner a few “likes” from their “followers”.

So in the end, we are travelling towards a mesh of all three.

Curb your enthusiasm people.

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