False Pre-Advertising; A growing Phenomenon

What was meant to be a work field trip turned into disaster. But, that is another tale, for another time, for now, allow me to share with you the experience I got on my first visit to Suez.

I arrived in Suez at 8pm, 2 hours earlier than required for work. I decided to explore the area around where I needed to be so as not to arrive late.

First impression: Deserted. The roads were empty compared to Cairo, I kept capturing mental images of restaurants as I was famished.

Second impression: no McDonalds. No Pizza Hut. No branded fast food.

I saw the following:


At first I Thought it was a Cabaret given the lady advertising, I was disappointed to find out its a hair salon.

Hungry beyond recall, I climbed up to OK Restaurant & Cafe. I walked up to the waiter and asked to see a menu for food, at first he thought I was a foreigner, then he goes, no food, only coffee and tea. When I asked why they were advertising being a restaurant, he said the restaurant was opening soon, inshallah.

The second restaurant I stopped by looked a little more lively.


The second restaurant, looks good from the outside right?

I walked in to the AC’d area to find it a haven for couples, each hidden in a corner and completely immersed in lovey-dovey talk. So I walked out and asked for a menu, given the following:


Wow! Facebook, Twitter, Youtube! This place is off the hook right? WRONG

I mean, the place had a Facebook page right? They must have a menu?

Wrong. No menu. He quickly named the sandwiches they had, I asked for a shawerma, which came to me in stale bread and, at first taste, it was clear it was NOT shawerma, it was something else.


Worms Shipping? Seriously?

After the faux shawerma, I walked into a supermarket to get a bag of dorittos and some juice. The bill came to around 4LE, I had 5 on me but needed change, so I handed a 10LE note to the clerk who said, no, give me that 5 you have, I have no change. I took offence to his wandering eyes falling into my wallet so I left the items there and took off.

All in all, Suez does not have much to offer.

Tune in later for the disaster field trip to a container vessel!

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