Farewell to the Family Bookshop – Part I We Will Remember

The Family Bookshop is having a clearance sale, everything must go, and indeed, everyone must go to visit, to pay homage to this once great pillar of expat life in Kuwait.

Before there was a Virgin Megastore, before there was a Jarir Bookstore, there was the Family Bookshop.

The Family Book Shop, the little shop that could, has finally, after many years in business and after painting smiles on many faces, children and adult alike, is closing its doors for the last time. I heard this information from a friend, and immediately put out an APB to all my friends, it is time to pay one final visit to the place we called home, the little shop that could. The Family Bookshop stood tall for the past decade, despite the surrounding area becoming dilapidated, and many other stores closing shop and packing up, they stood strong, longer than anyone could have thought possible.

I remember so many years ago, as a mere child in elementary school, at the annual school bazaar one day I purchased a raffle ticket, and won a discount card at the family bookshop. The first book I ever purchased was Garfield’s “Does Pooky Need You?”, with a brown cover.

Countless times over the coming years, my family would pay visits to the Family bookshop, both for our reading pleasure, as well as academics.

The atmosphere and ambience inside the family bookshop was truly reminiscent of its namesake, you felt at home.

The legacy of the family bookshop shall NEVER be forgetten.

In honor of J. Sanhi’s commitment and dedication, and to ensure that his legacy is never forgotten, I have turned our conversation yesterday into a form of short story, my first such endeavor. It will be a bit long, but hopefully worth it.

Will post it tomorrow.

I urge anyone who has a fond memory of The Family Bookshop to stand by them in their final hour, inform the kind proprietor of the happy days of yesterday, and wish him luck.

For indeed, a kind word goes a long way.

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