Fatherhood Lowers Testosterone to Keep Men Loyal

Fathers Feel Love Too

Yes ladies, it is true, science has proved that Men appear to be biologically wired to care for their babies, say researchers who have discovered levels of testosterone go down after fatherhood.

It was also said that during a relationship, a man’s testosterone levels go down, making them more sensitive, and the women’s estrogen levels go down, making them more calculated in decisions not based on emotions.

So guys, your married male friends are not emasculated, they are merely slaves to their biology. Hence their lack of interest in adventure and daring feats (that explains a lot).

The first statement comes from this article on BBC (link), and the second statement comes from memory, can be found here (link).

However, this statement should not be taken out of context, it is not a guarantee, for there are many a case of “dead-beat-dads” or fathers who walk out on their families.

So, thats the disclaimer.

Still, Love is a beautiful thing, and biology certainly aids it!

Ain't Love Grand?

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