Fattypuffs to Thinifers – Golden Opportunity for the Obese of Dubai

Dubai has a habit of making headlines, from its attempt to become the world hub for culture and entertainment, to its residents endless escapades to break world records, to the current hot water predicament a Youtube uploader has found themselves in, proving that خير تعمل شر تلقى,  as the Police dept. have now issued a warrant for the uploader of the infamous video depicting an Emirati official beating up an Indian motorist (link)  who was involved in a minor traffic accident with him and purportedly fled the scene (link).

Emirati official assaulting Indian Motorist


In its latest attempt to grab headlines, and also encourage a healthier population after the recent report pitting citizens of the Desert Oasis at an astonishingly high obesity rate, Dubai has turned itself into a reality show on a country scale, enticing the obese to shed the excess pounds for a chance to win Real Gold (link).

Dubai Municipality this week launched the month-long competition with Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Those who lose a minimum of 2kg of weight will win 2g of gold, while the top three losers will each receive a gold coin worth AED20,000.

I wonder if Kuwait will partake in a similar undertaking, given that its population tipped the scale at being the country with the highest rate of obesity in the region?

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

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