Feras in Kuwait – A Chance against Cancer (video linked)

They say science is advancing, and that with every passing day technology jumps forward with leaps and bounds.

Many of our every day nuisances have been completely eradicated. Televisions are clearer, lighter, bigger, smaller. Communication has now become instantaneous and free in most cases, giving a new meaning to borderless existence.

Cars travel faster, booking a flight is as simple as ordering a meal.

However, despite all of our advances, regardless of how comfortable our life has become, a shadow looms overhead reminding us constantly of our own mortality. A beast that refuses to be slain. A nightmare that refuses to end.


Each year, millions upon millions lose their battle with the disease. At times, the cure is often worse than the disease itself causing accelerated damage to the patient. To date, mesothelioma explained, preventive treatment launched, but no one ever found a cure for cancer. Its very origin is a mystery. Everything in our lives, everything that makes life convenient has the potential of being a carcinogenic.

One person decided to do something different, from our very on Kuwait.

Something as simple as watching this video can be the tilting point in providing the funding to finally eradicate this plague from our life.

Thank you Linda for making the world aware of this noble effort.

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