FINAL Update: Dealing with the Police in Kuwait

The sad truth is; If you are not Kuwaiti, you will jump through a thousand hoops before you can get what you want.

After the last fiasco earlier today involving the inspector over at Khaitan Police Station (mentioned here) the highlight of which was being told by said inspector that my friend required a translator from his SAME nationality to be present, who also spoke Arabic, to translate for the inspector, because apparently English is not an accepted language of communication, followed by his request for a legal representative of the company to be present, someone who has the authority to effect requests on behalf of the company (whether it was a lawyer or manager he did not say), we returned to our office to find such person.

In most cases, this person is a messenger, or mandoub if you will. So again, my friend returned for the FOURTH TIME to the police station, with messenger in tow (I opted out of the final visit), to request a very simple form from the Police Station stating that a laptop was stolen from his car.


Imagine a redder face with smoke coming out of the ears, that’s me

Apparently the inspector had some few choice words about yours truly, referring to me by my nationality as opposed to any description of my interaction with him, and still, the drama did not end there!

No sir, not even that legal representative will do. In the end, it was understood that Mr. Inspector wishes for one of the heads of the company to visit him PERSONALLY (i.e. not by proxy) to request this report.

So in conclusion, when it comes to dealing with the Police, forget doing anything yourself, find a Kuwaiti friend and bring them along.

Seriously. That was ridiculous.

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