FMS – Facebook Messaging Service

Facebook invades the messaging service!

Those familiar with the acronym SMS (short message service) will understand the pun behind the title, Facebook aims to replace text messaging.

Facebook is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the Truth.

The world is rapidly evolving; the rise of 3G networks has caused previously expensive services, such as international calls and international texts (which used to cost the same as a normal text back in the day in the great State of Kuwait) as well as video calls etc, have now become cheaper by the dozen. With the presence of applications such as Whatsapp, BBM, Tango, Viber, Googletalk, Vtok, Blip.Me (a very handy app that mimics old-school walkie-talkies!) etc. the list is endless. 

since the advent of the mobile keyboard, texting gained further popularity over voice

If time has taught us anything, it is that no product or service remains at the top for ever; the market demands updates, and the people demand cost reduction. If you cannot compete, it is best to pack up and get out before being labelled as out-dated.
In this fast-pace era, voice calls have become an almost thing-of-the-past, instead people opt to communicate via texts. The reason behind this shall be addressed in depth in a future post, let us now stick to the matter at hand.
Facebook has launched an instant messaging service for mobile phones, similar to BlackBerry Messenger, in an effort to further integrate with the hand-held era of mobile telecommunications.

Facebook, the New Blue Pill to treat Technological Impotence

The dedicated app, for iPhones and Android devices, allows users to contact individual friends or groups of people.

Its release comes a month before Apple is due to unveil a similar product.

For the full article on BBC, please click (here).

The telecom companies can complain all they wish; you cannot prevent progress, nor can you delay the future. Hanging on to the methods of old and refusing to offer better packages has caused a dystopia where the customer is now after the most cost-efficient method.

We live in a global society, with friends from the farthest corners of the earth. These applications have helped save the cost of communication, and even cut the time-delay inbetween responses, no longer are you limited to 160 characters per message (unless you are on Twitter, where you are limited to 140 characters, but there are ways to type longer!), for you can type to your hearts content, adding photographs, videos etc. to the mix.

Welcome to the 22nd Century.

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