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For the longest time, I have been unable to access my iPod through iTunes due to some inane error message that kept popping up telling me that iTunes is not recognising the device attached, please disconnect and reconnect to solve problem, despite windows reading my iPod as a storage device.

When all methods to solve this problem proved futile, including going to Apple’s website to troubleshoot and being told to “reinstall iTunes”, a blanket response given by the most inexperienced tech n00bs.

I turned to Google to give me an answer as to what program can be used as a substitute for iTunes. My prayers were answered.

At first I used to use Sharepod, but apparently that well has dried up, and it didnt really work well in terms of organising, but it did allow you to take music off of the iPod with ease.

So now I bring you CopyTrans (here).

Having personally used it to rearrange the music in my playlists before hitting the cross trainer at the gym, I can vouch for its authenticity. This is a great program to have as a last resort for Apple’s moronic interface.

This way, you can easily connect more than one device to a single PC, and copy files from friends to you and vice-versa without the hassle of each having to bring their synced PC along. Copy-paste was never easier. Even the rearranging of music is simple. Gone are the days of the error messages from hell that have no logical sense and just happen for the sake of happening.

Lets face it, despite Apple’s great success, be it their Mac books, iPods, iPhones, i-This or i-That (not iBlooogle btw, thats all me), the one fact that remains is that Apple is, much like Microsoft, a MONOPOLIST.

iPhone, has to be interfaced with iTunes, one account linked to one phone, you cannot sync one device with more than one PC. What if I had it synced to a work PC? What if my laptop blows a fuse? Nada, no response.

Coming soon, an articulate piece on the benefits of buying HTC phones as opposed to iPhones.

Stay tuned.

And for the time being, enjoy this iTunes substitute for managing files on iPods and iPhones.

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