From 6th Ring to KPC and beyond – A Marathon Video Journey

Birthdays are a strange occurrence. They represent a bittersweet moment, whereby we celebrate most joyously despite the ominous connotations they bring forth with them such as the passing of age and loss of youthfulness.

As of 2002, I celebrated my birthday by smoking a lone cigar, an activity I knew would definitely shorten my life expectancy, however it seemed a good way to take the load off.

Starting 2012 however, I decided to do things differently. How you say? I chose to run.

Last year I turned 26, and in celebration I ran 26KM. It was an arduous experiment, my greatest distance and time, it took me 3Hrs18Mins, and I decided to add a KM for every year, on every birthday.

April 21st I turned 27, this time however, I decided to go all out, why delay running a marathon until I am 42? Why not just do it now?

And so I did.

I completed the Marathon in 3Hrs30Mins, a distance of 42.2KM.

Many thanks to Adam Ayesh, my friend and protector who diligently kept cycling by me to ensure that no car careened towards me, and helped me with my aquatic needs, and provided the much needed moral support to complete this arduous task.

One down, many to go.

Enjoy the video:

PS there shall be a glorious write up to document the event, but for now please enjoy the video.

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