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Spread the Passion

 FAQ:What is it?A Twitter Initiative (@FromQ8WithLove [here]) endeavored by passionate individuals in Kuwait, and growing. No matter what age, race, gender, religion or nationality, any with passion are welcome.

Where is it?

In Kuwait, for any country in need, or wherever there is an outcry for human compassion.


Spreading awareness. Fundraising, selling merchandise (Trade Not Aid).

How can I help/ join?

Via Twitter, follow them. Or follow @HawraaK as she is the unanimous voice, heart and soul of the initiative (do wish her a happy birthday too, its soon).

It is rare this day in age to find a person with compassion for the suffering of their fellow human beings. Those of us that are blessed with a comfortable life, rarely do they take pity on the plight of the needy.
Thankfully, I was proven wrong.  I had a rare opportunity to attend a meeting with FromQ8WithLove, an online initiative spear-headed by persons with Passion, who wish to do more than just to donate money (Trade Not Aid).
This group is not backed by any organisation; it is the efforts of its members that keep the dream of passion alive.

Currently, the idea is to visit the Orphanage in Kuwait and bring a smile to the face of those children, for Eid.

The key component of all this is PASSION, it is the essence of charity. And I am here to testify that this group has PASSION.

It is our ability to empathise with others, to understand their trials and tribulations, that separates us from the animals. Retraction, have you not read of the documented incidents in which an animal of one species cares for an animal from another? Animals can feel compassion, it is a sad day in age when we sit back and discover that mankind has grown uncompassionate and cold hearted.

Thankfully, there are still those who feel, and they are the ones who go to bed at night content, for they are the ones that truly make a difference.

Make a difference, spread the passion.

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