Gawker’s & Road Accidents in Kuwait

When traffic is deadlocked on the 4th Ring Road, this can only mean one thing: somewhere down the line, there is an accident.

Stop and think!

As I was travelling down the 4th heading towards Salmiya, the road was blocked from before Lula, near the nurseries, people had turned their indicators on, to warn speeders coming from behind that the path is closed.

Inch by inch, wheel by wheel, the car dragged forward. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, just on the horizon? An empty road, near Qurtoba.

The cause of the deadlock? Gawker’s, heading towards Salmiya, slowing down to a turtle’s pace, with their eyes glued on the scene on the other side of the 4th, heading towards Shuwaikh, where a 3 vehicle collision was holding up traffic.

Just a couple of meters from that initial crash, 2 other cars were parked in the middle of the 4th, awaiting officers to come and discern the guilty party.

For everyone to spend 10 or 20 seconds gawking at the accident, the road is help up for miles on end.


It is not a pleasurable sight, to gaze upon the misfortunes of others. Unless you are a doctor or an EMT, do not bother craning your neck. Heaven forbid fate should flash a cruel smile towards gawker’s, as they are distracted from the road ahead of them, to end up in an accident themselves. It is not a far-out scenario.

Kuwait is in need of a rude awakening to shake the foundation of drivers in this State. Lives are getting lost on a daily basis, and for what?

Speed kills, and lives are precious.

Think Before You Drive

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