Ghost Restaurants in Kuwait – Tayibat Lebanon

It is a well known fact that light travels faster than sound, therefore you are more likely to see a tree fall in the woods before hearing it.

That is not the case however with a certain restaurant on Tunis St!

Whilst cruising the area in search of a restaurant to dine in, I came across the following well-lit spectacle:

well lit, catchy name, why not?

well lit, catchy name, why not?

As you can see, the outside appearance provides the guise that there is a hustle and bustle within (not only is the sign well lit, also through the black curtains you see spot lights on the ceiling).

Deciding to stop by and see whether their culinary skills were as potent as their advertising, I took a  stroll with the familia towards said center.

Emblazoned around the walls were directions to get to the restaurant as follows:


We were getting closer to our goal, and our taste buds were tingling with anticipation as we finally came to what we perceived to be the final plane.


However, lo and behold, a sign appears on the door:


A quick inspection of the kitchen area accessible via the elevator proved the wording correct – lacking the presence of even the most basic requirements for food preparation and storage.

Going back to our previous fact, although light travels faster than sound, it would seem that in this case the people spoke of the restaurant’s untimely demise prior to the lights turning off.

I would hazard a guess and say that IF the restaurant had failed and was forced to shut down, the cost of removing the signs may have been high, and seeing as how you cannot return those signs to the maker, the restaurant owner decided to let the building owner foot the bill, or the next tenant.


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