Give me back my Heart

At first, I did not understand this comic strip, then it made perfect sense.

We go through life looking for someone to give our heart to, to love unconditionally, when what we truly desire is to find someone to share our heart with, our life, someone who brings the missing piece to make that puzzle in your chest complete. No relationship can exist when one person loves more than the other, for in essence what will happen is cleverly illustrated in the following comic.

There are those who believe that a love lost can never be replaced, that a broken heart can never be repaired. What they do not realize is the power of the human heart, the infinite ability to create love, it is not a finite amount to be lost on a person that loses you, it is the only perpetual feeling in existence.

A heart is a transmitter and a beacon, it will send out signals until such time a transponder comes in range to receive it, and then, magic ensues.

So read on. (note click on the image to enlarge, or follow this link for the website)

Tis such a wonderful feeling to find someone to share their heart with you, as you share yours with them.

Give me back my heart

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