Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Blog news is GREAT news! And that is exactly why I decided to join this wonderous community.

We live in Kuwait. At first glance, there is naught but little to do in this arid land of heat and sand.

Ask anyone and they can cough up the usual list of activities: shopping, jet-skiing, paint-ball, aqua-park, entertainment city, counterstrike (back in the day, now its network gaming), sheesha, soap football.. etc.

Its a small list, however, there is an answer: BLOGGERS!

I have attended many a gathering as a result of bloggers, my current passion, Rugby (thank you Desert Girl!)once at an AWARE center (thank you Crazy In Kuwait). The list goes on.

Some bloggers get things done, check out Mark of, one blog entry about a landfill infront of his building festering with garbage, and later on that week it is filled with sand. One entry about qualitynet’s bad service, and they offer to re-wire his entire building. So as you can see, blogging can change the world.

Although, in a minor way, it can also wreak havoc, as is the case of the Egyptians who were deported from Kuwait for attending a gathering to promote Al-Baradei – former IAEA now potential presidential candidate. And those who went to the Michael Jackson wake at the beach near Marina and were arrested under suspicion of witchcraft.

But, lets not stray from the subject. Bloggers serve to show you a side of the country inwhich you reside that otherwise you would not be privy to. For example, did you know of these guys; Desert Biking Club Kuwait, please check out their pictures. I was not aware that Failaka Island had Greek ruins! Or that there is a make-shift mini-lake in Kuwait! I want to join these guys!

Passion can only be fueled through what these fine individuals do, we all have hobbies, and the best way to indulge in those hobbies is to find other like minded individuals. I for one have found 3 passions I want to pursue so far, Rugby, Desert Biking, Dancing (yes, there are dancing studios in Kuwait! Not just @ the Palms Beach).

So, I believe it is impertinent in my journey into the Blogosphere, to thank those who have made it possible for me, I spent years just following blogs and reading entries, until I felt I could sufficiently engage people. So, without further adue, iBlooogle would like to thank the following individuals:

Nikki: Always believed in me having “the gift of the gab”
Desert Girl: first blog I took interest in, always a pleasure to read
Comatose: my no. 1 follower
M7md Ghazi: brother in blog, whom I learn from
Swera: a unique perspective, from a unique personality
Lost in the States: a promising young writer of romantic novels!
Moody Panties: Chick with Attitude! Introduced me to botamba, an important tool for all newbie bloggers
American Girl In Kuwait: as the name suggests, an interesting read for a different point of view
Eden: My favorite critic
Special mention must go Ms. Holloway, may she rest in peace, from infant school, my English Teacher, who gave me the tenacity with which I write to day. And also, Jadzilla (formerly

You all make the world of blogging that much more interesting to tune in to!

The reason I have my “Around the Blog” roll on the left hand side is that it is a way for me to be updated with the latest from those blogs, I am not advertising you to the world, I need not, you are all JTG.

So, keep on Bloggin’.

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