Gluttony: thine name is Qatar

The Gulf is getting an unbelievably sour reputation over gastrointestinal issues as of late, what with A report this week by the United Nations finding populations in the Gulf having been rated as among the fattest in the world, with almost half of adults in Kuwait classed as obese.

Kuwait led the way with the highest proportion of obese adults in the GCC, with 42.8% falling into this bracket in 2008, followed by Saudi Arabia at 35.2%. In the UAE, 33.7% of the population were identified as having a serious weight problem, while in Qatar it was 33.1% and Bahrain 32.6%.

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

And now, Qatar follows suite, with this tragically comical headline:

Qataris hospitalized for overeating on first night of Ramadan


The mistake a lot of people make is they believe since they have been fasting all morning that they must make this up somehow, and over indulge in food. What they do not realize is that the food they usually eat during the day is expended during the chores of the day, walking around the office etc. whereas the food they consume at iftar during Ramadan sinks to the bottom of their bellies like a stone in the ocean, and then they are propped up on the couch watching Arab Soap Operas all night, whilst going to town on a plate of high caloric desserts.

وعلى رزقك افطرت

وعلى رزقك افطرت

Tis such a tragic shame that the Arab world has been reduced to overeating when millions around the world starve.


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