Good Sense or Indecent? You be the Judge

Tis the season to be holy.

Being Kuwait, and having the strongest currency in the world, comes with the drawback of unwanted “guests” during this time of year, looking to capitalise on people being in an overly generous mood.


With the Zakat (alms) House in Kuwait, it is a wonder why people would subject themselves to the act of begging. I was told before that some people refuse going to the zakat house to help pay for mortgages or unpaid loans as it would tarnish their credit rating.

I get a few knocks on my door every now and then. I know who is at the door without even bothering to look, as this day in age, no one shows up uninvited, and most people would text/call you saying we are at your door rather than go through the hassle of knocking (believe me, i’ve seen it happen!).

Now comes the moral dilemma; do you open your door and tell said person be it a male door-to-door salesman, a woman looking for maid-work, or a beggar, to leave you be, or listen to their sales pitch, knowing full well that you have no intention of either buying their product, or hiring them as help, or giving them any money.

I would be watching TV, upon hearing the knock, I would either mute the show, or, in extreme cases, go up and lock the door. I live with a sense of security and keep my door unlocked most of the time.

The eight categories of eligible Zakât recipients follow:

• The poor (al-fuqarâ’)
• The needy (al-masâkîn)
• Zakât-workers
• Those whose hearts are to be reconciled
• Those in bondage (slaves and captives)
• The debt-ridden
• In the cause of God
• The wayfarer (the stranded, or one traveling who lacks resources)

Unfortunately, as with everything, human nature has tarnished an act of kindness, and there are those out there who seek to exploit you to get your money. Be it a fabricated story of being debt-ridden, or a bed-ridden family member. I have heard all the pitches. And, as a result of getting conned before, I rarely give anything out to those who ask for it, its only for those who I see cleaning our streets in the burning sun, or to organisations that are proven to help the poor and needy. 
Is that good sense or indecent?

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