Got Music? How to capture tunes off youtube

I love youtube, and how they have made it really easy to connect with nostalgia.

One time I was watching an episode of the Simpsons, at the end of which a song played, I found myself strangely singing along to it, despite not remembering where on earth I could have heard it.

A google search later, and I was surprised to discover it was the opening theme for “Perfect Strangers”, which if anyone remembers, was a comedy show that ran back in the 90s (Thank you KTV2).

Anyway, I could not find the opening theme 🙁

What I usually do is enter the following search string on google:

(name of song)

which usually works, you are taken to the accounts of people who have uploaded said song onto their virtual drives, and are allowed to download off them. However, this does not always work.

So now, there is a second Option.

Zamar, the Free online file converter!

I first came across Zamzar when a friend pointed me there, I needed to convert an xlsx file (Excel 2007) into an xls file (old Excel). Then I found out that the possible combinations are limitless. Whats best is their video download.

Alot of programs claim to be youtube video downloaders, although the majority of them are merely fronts for trojan horses and backdoors, and as I am skeptic of all programs that are not freeware and ask you to download a toolbar, I shy away from them.

With Zamzar however, you do not install anything. You merely go to the website, click on the download videos tab, paste the link from youtube (only works with youtube vids though), then select what you wish to convert the file into. You could make it a video, meaning it would be a large file, or an mp3, making it smaller.

I convert youtube vids into mp3s when they are songs I want to listen to on the go. You upload the vid to their site (if you scroll down after you click convert you will see the conversion bar working), they will then send you a link to your email (with a 24-hour expiry), which you follow and bada-bing-bada-boom, you have just made music 🙂

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