Got the Message?

Zain push the envelope with an extremely graphic display outside their HQ located in Shuwaikh.

All those who drive on the 5th Ring Road will be familiar with Zain’s Road Safety initiative; “Pressing the Accelerator means txt u l8r” and the likes.

This is a step up from that. Reminiscent of my Streets of Sin post last month (here):



However, I think it would be better if this were placed where everyone can see it, in the malls, at the traffic lights, at the roundabouts, everywhere for maximum exposure. Afterall, how many of Kuwait’s population visit Zain HQ?

Turn Kuwait into the largest open air scrap-yard in the world, much like Jeddah is the largest open-air art museum in the world (link), I am certain this will be a positive influence on drivers, and serve as a staunch reminder of the cruelty of the road, and how all it takes is a heartbeat, a seconds delay, for a catastrophic accident to occur.

Well Done Zain. Well done indeed.

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