Grand Mosque of Kuwait to be torn down & rebuilt?

A truly sad, sad occurrence in the history of Kuwait.

The Grand Mosque was officially inaugurated in 1986 by the directives of the late Amir HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah; an amazing work of art that cost KD14 Million, overseen by 50 engineers and 450 construction workers, covering 45,000 meters squared, will not be receiving any visitors for the foreseeable future.

Meaning, worshippers during the Holy Month of Ramadan will need to converge on other mosques in other areas, forsaking the humbling ambience of the grand mosque as engineers toil with the conundrum of whether it can be saved or scrapped and built anew (link).

The grand mosque has presumably been closed to all the public, meaning tours of the grand mosque for those newly arriving to Kuwait will be postponed or cancelled.

The reason being, the structure has become unstable, cracks have started to appear in the columns housed inside the majestic center of the mosque. This is most likely caused by underground vibrations resulting from the numerous deep excavation/construction projects taking place a stone’s throw away from the Grand Mosque (fingers point towards the Central Bank of Kuwait’s newly constructed offices).

For those who have not had the pleasure of attending Ramadan prayers within the walls of the Grand Mosque, the feeling cannot be summed up in words, as the ambience within those walls instill a sense of calming humility and humbleness upon all who step inside. From the children that stay up late to help organize the nourishment of the people, to the friendly atmosphere created by those performing their religious duties, it was truly a sight unlike no other.


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