Gulf Slavery in Ireland

What flies in the UAE does not necessarily fly abroad.

That is the hard lesson being taught to the UAE Ambassador to Ireland, Khalid Nasser Lootah, who has been recalled to Abu Dhabi pending a current investigation into charges brought against him by the maids at his residence in Ireland, Jennifer Villaranda, Myra Calderon and Laylanie Laporga, who have been awarded €240,000 by the Employment Appeals Tribunal for breached of work rights as they worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week and were only paid only €170 per month – less than €2 per hour.

(NOTE: At present the minimum wage rates in Ireland are: €8.65 per hour for an experienced adult worker. €7.79 per hour for those over 19 and in 2nd year of first employment. €6.92 per hour for those over 18 and in first year of first employment.)

The tribunal also heard they had their passports taken off them, the three shared a bedroom with only two beds, and there was no paperwork to show charges like USC (Universal Social Charge) were being paid.


As you can see from the analysis above, the wages offered are way, way, way below the minimum wage.

When was the last time someone said something like that in the Gulf and was awarded such a hefty settlement, as opposed to a one-way ticket back home?

Domestic help are mistreated day in and day out in the Gulf. We have all witnessed it, let us call it as it is.

The problem is that this leads to cases of violence BY the domestic help against the most helpless beings – children. Even 18 year olds.

We are not giving a blanket cover that any maids that abuse their charges have in fact been abused by their sponsors or that it is justified. It most definitely is not.

Action. Reaction.

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