GUST outweighs the World and earns a Guinness Record

For those that had not heard, Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) was attempting a humanitarian, herculean effort as of January 31st – to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by amassing the largest amount of donations of clothing for those in need.

Needless to say they have succeeded:


Here are the highlights:


Oceans of Orange as far as the eye can see

People could be seen driving in gridlocked traffic within the premises of GUST in order to donate mountains of clothing to support the cause;


donations are brought in and repackaged in the orange burlap bags

Now despite being opposed to the notion of gaining as a result of charity; if the Ice Bucket Challenge craze of 2014 has taught us anything, it is that people do not donate for the sake of donating anymore, there has to be a return of some sort, whether it is making a fool of yourself on video and challenging your friends to follow suit:


or attempting to break a world record in order to seek recognition as a result of your humanitarian attempt

In either case, the end result is that because of the generosity of everyone in Kuwait, 65 tonnes of clothing were generated which will hopefully go a long way to ensure that no one dies at the borders as a result of lack of warm clothing:


It was a rude awakening for the global community as a whole to learn that people were dying, children were dying, due to not having enough warm clothes to endure the harsh frozen nights:


As such, regardless of personal gain, the effort put into ensuring that we never again have to read about a refugee dying of the cold is well worth the accolades received by the organizers.


It would also make you feel proud to know that several do-gooders in Kuwait pass by the uniform shops on a regular basis to buy new jackets in bulk that they give out to the poor on the streets, to ensure they to do not succumb to the cold.

Score one for Humanity.

Be proud Kuwait.

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