Hail Helen Thomas

Injustice is the one word that springs to mind when reviewing the current debauchery happening within the walls that house the most powerful man on earth; The White House.

Helen Thomas, US White House reporter, has been rendered effectively unemployed after her heart-felt comment that Israel should “Get the hell out of Palestine”, and jokingly adds move to Germany, Poland or the US.

Her resume is staggering, her accomplishments over-whelming:
* The first female president of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA)
* The first female officer of the National Press Club
* The only female print journalist to travel with President Richard Nixon on his inaugural trip to China
*The unofficial dean of the White House press corps.

Make no mistake, Helen Thomas did not resign, she is merely a scape-goat in the never-ending struggle to always paint Israel in light of being the victim.

An illustrious career, cut short by the very freedom she was given. It was considered a right of passage for Presidents to be grilled by Helen, “This is my inaugural moment here. I’m really excited,” President Obama stated after calling on Thomas in his first press conference as President.

She joins a long list of celebrities who, as a result of their exercising of their god-given freedom of speech, were struck down by the iron-curtain that is anti-Israeli comments, the likes of Mel Gibson.

This begs the question, why is it ok to mock the president of the USA, and yet taboo to mention Israel in anything but a white light with a halo over its head?

It is ok for caricaturists to insult religion and attack Islam, it is ok for residents to boycott the building of a mosque on ground zero @ NY, it is ok for citizens to criticise the government,  but when it comes to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press, the very fundamentals on which the USA was built, the First Amendment, you draw the line.

It is alright to denounce what is happening in Gaza, not only that, but for the USA to fund a missile defence program for Israel as well, in the region of $2~3bn.

It is ok for Israel to act as a top-authority and reject world criticism that an international inquiry be made into the deaths of the 9 crew-men from the Gaza-bound flotilla.

It is blatantly clear, that in this world, Israel answers to no authority. Worse, the super-power of the world cowers before it. All the comments made by US post-attack were “guarded”, never directed AT Israel. More of a blind response to a problem, without assigning blame. “Mourn the tragic loss of life”, when the world has “condemned” Israel for its heinous crime against humanity. And yet, despite all that, Israel remains undeterred in its response to the world, they are basically telling everyone to F*** off, we’ll handle our own business, yet run to the UN with “allegations and speculation” that Iran is mounting a nuclear offence against them.

Israel is without doubt, a superpower in todays economy. For a nation to respond with an all-out arial warfare, in response to haphazard rocket fire and stone-throwing, is proof of that. They act worse than the criminals they so seek to pass justice upon.

Is it a coincidence that on the eve of European foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s first visit to Gaza, a Thai farm worker was killed by a Hamas rocket?

How much longer shall we object behind closed doors,
As the blood of innocents flows onto our shores,
Till when shall we remain in silence,
As the innocents in Gaza fall victims to violence?

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