Hand positioning

This post is meant to help out fellow blogger Shelsalfa? with the 101 of driving skills.

Why, what hand positioning did YOU think i was talking about?

So heres how I see it; the steering wheel is a clock, I have my left hand @ the 11-12 o’clock. (one of my previous posts was titled I hate GLADS- Gorilla Left Arm Driving Syndrome), with my right elbow placed coolly on the arm-rest. real slick.

Now there are people I see, who sit rigidly upright, with both hands on the steering wheel. Quite literally, like little old ladies. Loosen up!

Which is another thing, one of my driving hobbies is checking my rear view mirror @ the red-light. I feel like a peeping tom, but its like a little TV right there, giving you insight into the life of the person in the car behind you. Usually, its someone doing something disgusting, as if the car is a protective bubble and they cannot be seen, ive seen people scratch their head, clean their ears, pick their nose and bite their finger-nails.. IN THAT ORDER!

Then there was highschool, when it came time for inter-school sports, at my first school, parents would offer to give the “athletes” rides to the other schools. I remember sitting in the backseat and being told to strap on my seat-belt, I thought it highly bizarre at the time. Seat-belts were for the front seats!

Now, I feel naked, absolutely naked, if I am driving without my seat-belt on! It has become my stigma. I feel as though I am lost at sea without my life-jacket, the seat-belt.

I cant stand EWD- Eating While Driving. Are these people in that big of a hurry, that they cannot give food its proper respect and eat like normal, decent folk? Instead, you have them guzzling their food down like wild wolves in the wilderness.

Stop. Park. Eat. Simple enough.

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