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A foreign concept in this country, where the bottom line is the sole basis of measurement.

I was surprised whilst taking a stroll in Mubarak Al-Kabeer to find this tarp covering a building that previously housed a well-to-do samoosa & fried snacks shack.

The tarp reads Historic Building to be Presevered, Registered KHBR-1103-6


Just when it appeared that all that motivates Kuwaitis is the bottom line, having seen old buildings and shopping centers from as far back as the 1960s levelled to make way for much larger buildings, with much smaller rooms.

Reminiscent of the end scene from Gangs of New York, where it fast-forwards from the past to the present, and shows the gradual, and unstoppable, evolution of construction, as the buildings get higher, and higher, and higher.

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