Home Center Kuwait remove discount Mid-Sale on items

There is no worse feeling in the world than having your eye set on an item during a discount, going home to ponder it overnight, accepting that your life would be much better with that item’s presence in it, returning to claim said item within two days (given of course that it is still within the discount period) and finding said item has now been “de-salified” as the price returns to normal.

That was the case witnessed at Home Center’s Shuwaikh branch last Saturday.

A friend of mine decided to pass by Home Center, as they had advertised a sale up till the 18th of June. Whilst strolling around he came across this furniture set:

3 Seater + 2 Seater

What was the price for this set? A real bargain:

that was the price on Thursday

Unfortunately my friend had already committed to buying another set. However, he liked this one more and hence went back home to offload said sofa said for newly mentioned one.

Imagine his surprise upon returning to Home Center a mere 2 days later to find this:

Two days later, this was the price (note the Item Code - exactly the same piece)

Obviously my friend was outraged at this sudden and abrupt removal of the discount of an item on sale. The salesmen informed him that the price had returned to normal suddenly due to their receiving a new shipment of the item, and that the price change was effected by Management. No manager was available for query, surprisingly whenever they asked for him they were told he was in a meeting at HQ (at all hours of the day).

Any company wishing to have a sale needs to submit pricing documents to the Ministry for approval. Any amendments should also be done so via forms (i.e. a paper trail).

Did Home Center request the Ministry to approve a price change during the sale period? Their employees declined to comment.

It is an unacceptable move to change the price of an item mid-sale.

What’s worse is my friend had already sold off his new sofa set to make room for this new one.

In the end, they agreed to give him a 20% reduction (as opposed to the original 42%) as compensation, they refused to sell at the discounted price.

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