Honor amongst Bloggers (thank you #KuwaitUp2Date)

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Back in Sept 2011, I wrote a post entitled “Original Content Blogging Initiative” (link), discontent with the lack of proper content in the blogosphere of Kuwait. Several bloggers (especially the ones posting advertisements) had begun simply posting one-liners and images as well as videos in order to remain relevant.

Once or twice bloggers in the past had gotten into heated arguments over “content stealing” whereby one blogger rips off the work of another blogger (i.e. plagiarism) without mentioning the original source of the information.

Now, that is wrong on every level; to copy-paste content verbatim and sell it off as your own.

Yesterday however, we received proof that there is still decency in Kuwait amongst bloggers.

Those of you that check “KuwaitUp2Date” will notice that they posted this article yesterday:


Now, at first glance, everything appears fine. The article is rightfully linked to its author (myself) (link). However, not everything is as it appears.

You see, Mybloogle is not hosting ads, all clicks I get to view on Google Analytics are strictly for my own gratification as a blogger in Kuwait. It is nice to see the occasional comment ON THE BLOG (as opposed to a reply on Twitter or comment on Facebook). What happened yesterday was that my content was copied (without my permission) word-for-word to KuwaitUp2Date’s blog, meaning the reader would have no need to click the link to read the loquacious article posted on Kuwait’s growing traffic problem from the eyes of an expat. The “clicks” and reads would flow to KU2D, which has advertisements.

Now I took offence to this and messaged the author at 11PM requesting them to either post only an excerpt of the article and say the rest can be found on Mybloogle (so I can see how many readers actually read it) or to remove the post. They agreed to the latter.

Besides Mybloogle & Q8FootSoldiers (link to like the FB page if you have not already), I exercise my creative writing hobby as a freelancer for Bazaar Magazine, having written several articles for them over the past few years (link to most of my published works there). You will notice none of the articles I ever wrote for Bazaar Magazine ended up on my blog – not that they told me not to (or maybe they did and I was not paying attention) however it seems to right thing to do as a matter of exclusivity.

Many thanks to KU2D for being so understanding and quick to action in removing the post.

Going forward, Mybloogle has disabled the copy-paste function in order to maintain the exclusivity of its author’s content.

We stick to our resolve to always provide people with a good, interesting read to break the monotony of the internet, provided you read it at Mybloogle.com! 🙂

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