How Do You Prepare to Run 240KM?

Life is a series of daunting tasks that men and women face and overcome on a daily basis. Within each person there is a deep desire to excel, to achieve, to set limits and exceed them.

Know your Limits and then Exceed Them

Whether your goal is to complete your studies, lose weight, get a promotion or even something simpler, goals are what add drive to our lives.

You would have to have been living under a rock to not be aware of the monumental, first-of-its-kind extravaganza run right here in our very own K-Town.

6 runners will brave the elements and the climate, embarking upon a journey of 240KM from Kuwait’s northern border all the way down to the south. They carry with them a bag full of the dreams of all who wish them luck, a symbolic gesture towards mind over matter, and that anything is possible with the proper preparation and mental attitude.

I have had the pleasure to join these gentlemen, 3 of which I traveled to Ras Al Khaimah with for the Half Marathon; with their results on that day you can see the level of determination they each possess. They say if you really want to see the mettle of men, travel with them. Faisal, the Determined, Jaafar, the Swift and Mohammad, the Mentor. 

Run Kuwait

Faisal Al-Nakib (reformed trekker/mountain climber who saw the light at the end of the running track [link]), Cristian Craita (family man, talented designer), Mohammad Al-Matar (wise beyond his years, trained in discipline, represents Kuwait globally as an athlete), Jaafar Al-Ali (represents Kuwait on the international scale for track & field), Hanan Al Awadi (martial artist) and Yousef Al Qanai (participated last year in the Marathon Des Sables; a 6 day, 251Km Ultra-marathon); Each a champion in their own right, unified by one dream – to do that which others dismiss as impossible.

Just so people understand the gravity of running an ultra-marathon, watch this:

2 of the runners participating in Run Kuwait will be heading towards Morocco by April for MDS 2012.

A passing thought that frequents the mind of most runners is; why am I doing this? This hurts. I should just stop. I’ll stop here. No here. No here.

Look, I finished.

Stopping is not an option for these 6. There is no monetary reward for them (at least not that they have readily revealed!), it is the thrill of the challenge, of setting precedent, of doing something that, on any given day if you were to hear, one would instantly write off the feat as ludicrous, insane and impossible. These 6 are here to prove that no goal is ludicrous, no dream is insane and no challenge is impossible.

There is no force greater than the human spirit.

Good luck guys, and god speed.

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